The Benefits of Nutritious Eating

Guest Blog Post by Angelia Rivers, Bureau Chief Family and Community Outreach

We all know that eating nutritious, well-balanced meals are vital to a child’s physical development. However, healthy options also fuel brain development and student achievement. According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, students who ate breakfast that morning performeNutritious Eatingd better on cognitive and memory tests than those who did not.

With today’s busy family schedules, it can be difficult to prepare healthy breakfast items and get the kids up in time to eat them. That is why the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month, providing tips and resources to parents and teachers.

The academy’s Breakfast Basics for Busy Families explain the correlation between skipping breakfast and reduced concentration and cognitive function and how parents can give their children a breakfast boost. Whole grains and protein-rich foods, the academy suggests, are critical components of breakfast meals that keep children full and focused.

School districts across Florida are also focused on providing healthier school lunch options to the state’s more than 2.7 elementary, middle and high school students, with lower sodium content and larger servings of fruits and vegetables. Lunch choices also have a tremendous impact on students’ afternoon energy and concentration levels.  Whether students are eating from the cafeteria or their packed lunch, they need the essential nutrients to get them through the school day.

Are your children excited about healthy eating? Spice up your family’s meal schedule and keep their food choices interesting with these Back to School Nutrition tips. For more information about what should be on your plate, visit Get Your Plate in Shape.


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