Honoring Florida’s Teachers

Here’s why we should show our children’s teachers our sincerest appreciation

Teachers are society’s most dedicated leaders. They inspire our children’s imagination, lead our children to academic success, and prepare them for a competitive future. Each day they transform standards and curriculum into creative learning exercises, making learning fun and exciting.

Since 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has designated the first full week in May as Teacher Appreciation Week. In honor of Florida’s more than 192,000 teachers, the Florida Department of Education has developed ways for parents, students and alumni to share their admiration.

The department’s Facebook page features an album of “apple icons” designed for Floridians to share with their families and friends. The apples highlight the achievements of the sunshine state’s valued educators and tools for social media users to honor their favorite teacher.

Recognizing a teacher’s hard work can make him or her feel appreciated and increase communication with parents. Florida’s current Teacher of the Year Alex Lopes believes in the importance of building strong relationships with his students’ parents, motivating him to become a better teacher.  “The more I gave, the more they gave back and inspired me not to take anything for granted,” said Lopes.

The National PTA’s Activity Ideas Webpage offers great gift tips, from homemade crafts to coffee shop gift cards and other ways that parents and students can honor their teachers. It is important to remember that even a simple thank you can make a teacher feel appreciated. It can strengthen parent/teacher relationships and not only open up the lines of communication regarding your child’s education, but build mutual respect.

Check out the department’s Pinterest boards for more ideas!


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